• Q:Why in the process of spray the paint, it will get clogged?

    A:Main reason:1.Before spraying, the liquid is not fully shaken resulting in clogging the injector by sediments pigment.2.Use too much power to shake resulting in broking down the ball which will clog the injector. 3.After using it without cleaning spray injector by placing upside down for three

  • Q:Why spray pressure is not enough?

    A:Main reason:1.When spraying, there is excessive pour spout phenomenon.2.Spray paint cans excessively dump more than 45 degrees cause of more gas and less paint, leading to a reduction in pressure.3.Spray paint store for a long time more than the expiry date.

  • Q:Why the paint has sogging?

    A:Main reason:1.The injector is too close to the surface.2.The speed of the injector moving is too slow.3.The environment has bad ventilation.4.The interval times is insufficient the same as drying time is not enough on the underlying.5.The surface gets contamination.

  • Q:Why dust and grain on the surface?

    A:Main reason:1.The surface is not clean.2.The environment has the pollution, such as the dust.3.Other pollution such as dust from the body and covering the newspaper.Precaution:1.Ensure the surface must be clean.2.Ensure the environment and air is clean.

  • Q:Why the paint has been brittle rupture and wrinkling?

    A:Main reason:1.The underly paint is not match with surface which make the underly paint and the paint not easy to produce reaction. 2.Without the underly paint drying, paint it again on the surface. 3.Paint is too thick.4.The underly paint has been aging, chalking and brittle rupture.

  • Q:Why the paint has peeling phenomenon?

    A:Main reason:1.The substrate has oil, water, dust and stains.2.The base metal surface is too smooth or without polished. 3.The underly paint has been aging, chalking and brittle rupture.Precaution:1.Ensure the surface is completely clean.2.After spraying, use the sandpaper to polish the metal

  • Q:Why the paint get the erosion?

    A:Main reason:1.The substrate does not completely remove the rust.2.The defects on the surface is not deal with it (such as pinhole, bubble and water trace, etc) 3.Without adding antirust primer or coating too thin, it can result in water and gas to corrade the base material.