“Jieliya”Trademark Won a Law Suit of the Infringement
Date: 2014-07-12
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Datian Corporation got the registration certificate for “Jieliya” Trademark from June, 2009. On October the same year, we got the copyright of the “Outlook of the Jieliya Spray Paint Can“. We also paid lots of investment on the sales and advertisement, and this trademark got a good popularity and reputation. However, since the Oct of 2013, we found there were lots of fakes of the brand of “Jielimei” sold in the market, even the outlook of the “Jielimei” is nearly the same like our “Jieliya”.  Datian had legally required “Jielimei” stop this illegal business, but “Jielimei” did not stop. At last Datian appealed to the court, required “Jielimei” stop the production and sales of the fakes and destroy all the stocks. Finally Datian won this case, the court judged “Jielimei” stop all the illegal business and pay all the loss of Datian.
Trademark is the invisible asset of an enterprise, which is one of its core values. Datian always pays lots of attention to this aspect; we were and will against all the illegal action which damages the benefits of both Datian and its customers. 


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