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Name:Iron Dust Remover

Iron Dust Remover


This product is rich in dissolve factor for iron dust, it could remove the iron dust, oxidized layer and brake powder on the paint and wheel boss. Spray it on the material surface, the iron dust will be dissolved soon to purple liquid and then drop down, after this please wash it with water. It has a special smell, which is a normal.

Main Ingredients:

Neutral Additive, Surfactant, Flavors, Soft Water.


It is applied for removing the iron dust on the surface of paint, wheel boss, glass, guard plate, etc. 


1.       Clean the material surface at first.

2.       Spray it on the material surface well, and steep the surface for 2-3 minutes. The iron dust will be dissolved to purple liquid, then wash it with water.

3.       If the pollution is serious, repeat the above process, and use brush for washing.


1.       Make sure washing the material after use this product as soon; do not let any left liquid on the surface.

2.       Do not touch the mouth or the eyes, if the eyes were contaminated, wash at once with water for 15 minutes. 

3.       If the product contaminated any other where, please use water to wash at once, and then wipe it with fabric.

4.       Keep away from kids

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